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Slabs and Stair Risers are perfect for stairs, signs, water features, hearths, and mantels.  Most of our slabs are around 5 -7 inches thick and 3 or 4 feet long.  Custom sizes are also available.
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Black Basalt 6" Risers


Bluestone 3 Foot Risers




Tumbled Bluestone 3 Foot Risers




Tuscany 4 Foot Risers




Silver Springs Mini Slabs




Bluestone 4 Foot Risers




Tumbled Bluestone 4 Foot Risers




Quartzite 2 - 3 Foot Risers




Oklahoma Blue 4 Foot Risers




Bluestone 5 Foot Risers




Tuscany 3 Foot Risers




Quartzite 3 - 4 Foot Risers

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