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Ledgestone is used for full-body stone veneers as well as decorative curbs or boundary lines around the yard. For veneer and stacked walls, one ton of Ledgestone covers about 30-40 sq. ft.
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Honey Ledgestone

Chief Cliff Ledgestone


Montana Buff Ledgestone

Mt. Moriah Ledgestone

Belgium Cobbles - Salt & Pepper

Belgium Cobbles - Black

Silver Springs 2"-4" EZ Stack

Silver Springs 3"-5" EZ Stack

Silver Springs Ledgestone

Oklahoma Blue Tumbled Cobbles

Tuscany Ledgestone

Washougal Basalt Ledgestone

Washougal Basalt Squares & Recs

Washougal Basalt A-Split

Moose Mountain Ledgestone


McGregor Lake Ledgestone

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