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Natural Stone Thin Veneer does not require a base to support it. This makes stone a viable option on any pre-existing walls. Quantities are limited. Special orders possible if stone is not in stock.
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Camas Rand TV.jpg

Camas Basalt Random


Camas Squ. TV.jpg

Camas Basalt Squares & Recs


Montana Moss Rand TV.jpg

Montana Moss Random


Silver Springs Ledgestone



Silver Springs Random



Montana Buff Ledgestone


Honey Ledgestone


Heritage Silver Ledgestone

Contemporary 1" Honey Ledgestone

Contemporary 1" Silver Ledgestone


Sunset Gold Modern 123 Pattern

Sunset Silver Modern 123 Pattern

Heritage & Jumper Blend


Moose Mountain Thin Veneer - Random.JPG

Moose Mountain Random


Moose Mountain Ledgestone


McGregor Lake Thin Veneer - Random.JPG

McGregor Lake Random


McGregor Lake Ledgestone


Tuscany Squares & Recs with Split-Face


Granite Squares & Recs

Granite Random


Victoria & Carlisle Blend


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