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Natural Stone Thin Veneer does not require a base to support it. This makes stone a viable option on any pre-existing walls. Quantities are limited. Special orders possible if stone is not in stock.
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Black Basalt Random

Black Basalt Random

Black Basalt Squares

Black Basalt Squares & Recs


Washougal Random

Washougal Basalt Random


Washougal Squares

Washougal Basalt Squares & Recs


Silver Springs Random

Silver Springs Random


Silver Springs Ledgestone

Silver Springs Ledgestone


Montana Buff Ledgestone

Montana Buff Ledgestone


Moose Mountain Thin Veneer - Random.JPG

Moose Mountain Random


Moose Mountain Ledgestone


McGregor Lake Thin Veneer - Random.JPG

McGregor Lake Random



McGregor Lake Ledgestone



Montana Moss Random


Honey Ledgestone


Silver Ledgestone

Heritage Silver Ledgestone

Granite Random

Granite Random


Granite Squares

Granite Squares & Recs

Victoria & Carlisle

Victoria & Carlisle Blend


Tuscany Squares

Tuscany Squares & Recs with Split-Face


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