Flagstone tends to be very large in size. One flagstone can range from 3 sq. ft. to 15 sq. ft. This makes it ideal for larger walkways and patios.
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Variegated Bluestone Flagstone

Variegated Bluestone Flagstone is offered in a 1 or 1½”- 2” thicknessColors are primarily blue, gray, brown, and orange. The 1” flagstone covers about 120-130 sq.ft. per ton while the 1½”-2” covers around 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 1
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 2
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 3
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 4
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 5
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 6
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 7
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 8
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 9
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 10
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 11
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 12
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 13
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 14
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 15
Variegated Bluestone Flagstone 16
True Blue Bluestone Flagstone

True Blue Flagstone is offered in a 1½”- 2” thickness. Colors are primarily blue and gray with traces of brown and  orange.  The 1½”-2” flagstone covers around 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

True Blue Bluestone Flagstone 1
True Blue Bluestone Flagstone 2
True Blue Bluestone Flagstone 3
True Blue Bluestone Flagstone 4
True Blue Bluestone Flagstone 5
True Blue Bluestone Flagstone 6
True Blue Bluestone Flagstone 7
White Mist Flagstone

White Mist Flagstone is offered in a 1½”- 2” thicknessColors are white and silver with traces of gold. The 1½”-2” flagstone covers around 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Oklahoma Blue Flagstone

Oklahoma Blue Flagstone is offered in a 1½”- 2” thickness. Colors are primarily gray, dark gray, and brown with traces of gray, white, and gold. The 1½”- 2” flagstone covers about  80-100 sq.ft. per ton. 

Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 1
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 2
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 3
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 4
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 5
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 6
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 7
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 8
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 9
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 10
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 11
Oklahoma Blue Flagstone 12
Tuscany Flagstone


Tuscany Flagstone is offered in a 1”- 1½” thickness. Colors are primarily tan and brown with traces of gray and dark orange.  The 1"-1½” covers about 90-100 sq.ft. per ton. 

Tuscany Flagstone 1
Tuscany Flagstone 2
Tuscany Flagstone 3
Tuscany Flagstone 4
Tuscany Flagstone 5
Tuscany Flagstone 6
Tuscany Flagstone 7
Tuscany Flagstone 8
Tuscany Flagstone 9
Tuscany Flagstone 10
Tuscany Flagstone 11
Tuscany Flagstone 12
Tuscany Flagstone 13
Silver Springs Flagstone

Silver Springs Flagstone is offered in a 1½”-2” thickness. Colors are primarily light gray, dark gray, and brown with traces of red, purple, orange, gold, and white. The 1½”-2” flagstone covers about 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Silver Springs Flagstone 1
Silver Springs Flagstone 2
Silver Springs Flagstone 3
Silver Springs Flagstone 4
Silver Springs Flagstone 5
Silver Springs Flagstone 6
Silver Springs Flagstone 7
Silver Springs Flagstone 8
Silver Springs Flagstone 9
Silver Springs Flagstone 10
Silver Springs Flagstone 11
Silver Springs Flagstone 12
Silver Springs Flagstone 13
Sunset Gold Flagstone


Sunset Gold Flagstone is offered in a 1” or 1½”-2” thickness. Colors are primarily gold, charcoal gray, and silver.  The 1” flagstone covers about 130-140 sq.ft. per ton while the 1½” - 2” covers about 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Sunset Gold Flagstone 1
Sunset Gold Flagstone 2
Sunset Gold Flagstone 3
Sunset Gold Flagstone 4
Sunset Gold Flagstone 5
Sunset Gold Flagstone 6
Charcoal Flagstone

Charcoal Flagstone is offered in a 1” or 1½”-2” thickness. Colors are primarily charcoal gray, silvers, and golds.  The 1” flagstone covers about 130-140 sq.ft. per ton while the 1½”-2” covers about 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Charcoal Flagstone 1
Charcoal Flagstone 2
Charcoal Flagstone 3
Charcoal Flagstone 4
Charcoal Flagstone 5
Charcoal Flagstone 6
Charcoal Flagstone 7
Charcoal Flagstone 8
Charcoal Flagstone 9
Charcoal Flagstone 10
Lilac Flagstone


Lilac Flagstone is offered in a 1½”-2" thickness. Colors are primarily lilac with traces of green and brown. The 1½”-2” flagstone covers about 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 1
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 2
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 3
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 4
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 5
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 6
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 7
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 8
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 9
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 10
Lilac Bluestone Flagstone 11
Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone **


Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone is offered in a 1½”-2" thickness. Colors are similar to Variegated Bluestone, but the edges are much more smooth. The 1½”-2” flagstone covers about 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone 1
Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone 2
Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone 3
Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone 4
Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone 5
Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone 6
Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone 7
**Very limited availibility
XL Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone


XL Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone is offered in a 2”-4" thickness. Like Tumbled Bluestone but much thicker. The 2”-4" flagstone covers about 40-60 sq.ft. per ton.

Tumbled XL Bluestone Flagstone 1
Tumbled XL Bluestone Flagstone 2
Tumbled XL Bluestone Flagstone 3
Tumbled XL Bluestone Flagstone 4
Tumbled XL Bluestone Flagstone 5
Tumbled XL Bluestone Flagstone 6
Tumbled XL Bluestone Flagstone 7
Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone


Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone is offered in a 1½” thickness. Colors are similar to Variegated Bluestone, but the pieces are generally more flat and consistent in thickness. The 1½” flagstone covers about 90-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone 1
Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone 2
Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone 3
Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone 4
Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone 5
Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone 6
Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone 7
Sawn & Thermal Bluestone Flagstone 8
Blonde Flagstone

Blonde Flagstone is offered in a 1½”-2" thickness.  Colors are primarily tan and ivory with traces of gold, brown, and pink.  The 1½”-2” flagstone covers about 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Blonde Flagstone 1
Blonde Flagstone 2
Blonde Flagstone 3
Blonde Flagstone 4
Blonde Flagstone 5
Blonde Flagstone 6
Blonde Flagstone 7
Blonde Flagstone 8
Blonde Flagstone 9
Blonde Flagstone 10
Mount Moriah Flagstone


Mount Moriah Flagstone is offered in a 1½”-2” thickness. Colors are primarily gray, ivory, and dark red with traces of gold, orange, and purple.  The 1½”-2” flagstone covers about 70-80 sq.ft. per ton.

Mount Moriah Flagstone 1
Mount Moriah Flagstone 2
Mount Moriah Flagstone 3
Mount Moriah Flagstone 4
Mount Moriah Flagstone 5
Mount Moriah Flagstone 6
Mount Moriah Flagstone 7
Mount Moriah Flagstone 8
Mount Moriah Flagstone 9
Mount Moriah Flagstone 10
Mount Moriah Flagstone 11
Paradise Mountain Flagstone

Paradise Mountain Flagstone is offered in a 1½”-2” thickness. Colors are primarily gray, orange, red, brown with traces of black and white.  The 1½”-2” flagstone covers about 80-100 sq.ft. per ton.

Paradise Mountain Flagstone 1
Paradise Mountain Flagstone 2
Paradise Mountain Flagstone 3
Paradise Mountain Flagstone 4
Paradise Mountain Flagstone 5
Paradise Mountain Flagstone 6
Paradise Mountain Flagstone 7
Paradise Mountain Flagstone 8
Paradise Mountain Flagstone 9
** Very limited quantities
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