Ledgestone is used for full-body stone veneers as well as decorative curbs or boundary lines around the yard. For veneer and stacked walls, one ton of Ledgestone covers about 30-40 sq. ft.
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Montana Antique Ledgestone

Moose Mountain Ledgestone


McGregor Lake Ledgestone

Honey Ledgestone

Perma Valley Ledgestone


Montana Buff Ledgestone

Castle Rock Ledgestone

Mt. Moriah Ledgestone

Tuscany Ledgestone

Silver Springs 2"-4" EZ Stack

Silver Springs 3"-5" EZ Stack

Silver Springs Ledgestone

Oklahoma Blue Tumbled Cobbles

Paradise Mountain Ledgestone

Camas Basalt Ledgestone

Camas Basalt Curbstone

Camas Basalt A-Split

Quantities are limited,  Call for availability.  All of our website pictures should be considered as representative only and not an absolute.  We encourage you to visit our show room and see the product in person.  Thank you.
Perma Valley Ledgestone 1